ASP 2020 Annual Awards Gala

2020 ASP Awards Gala




Each year the ASP honors and recognizes the ASP Awards Recipients for their leadership in and advancement of astronomy and space science.

Celebrating the accomplishments of the astronomical community is an important part of our mission and something the ASP has been proud to host since 1898.

We wanted to let you know about a very tough decision we have been forced to make given COVID-19 and the current state of the nation. As the pandemic deepens and broadens, we have decided not to give out ASP Awards in 2020 and not to hold our annual Gala in celebration. This decision was made in consultation with the ASP staff and the Board Executive Committee.

A number of factors influenced this decision, including the many unknowns about travel and quarantine for the rest of the year, the increased burden placed on staff who are working from home and caring for children, our desire to give our recipients the honors and celebratory event they fully deserve, and to acknowledge and be respectful of the somber days we are in and those to come.

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