From Pinholes to Space Telescopes: Online Workshop for Educators

Online Workshop for Educators From the ASP's Teacher Learning Center

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Explore what pinhole viewers and giant telescopes have in common through using lenses to construct a basic model of a telescope.

A series of 4 one-hour online webinars about optics and the evolution of the telescope.

While most people have a basic idea about how lenses work, they frequently don't know how telescopes use lenses and mirrors together to organize light to form images of distant objects. The behavior of light is examined with a pinhole projector and lenses of differing focal lengths. Scaffolded explorations of the properties of both light and lenses will help develop a more complete understanding, culminating in the construction of a simple telescope.

Participants will receive a set of 24 Galileoscopes shipped directly to their school or institution after the third week workshop. We will then offer a delayed fourth week of the workshop, after everyone has received their shipments, to learn how to assemble the Galileoscopes and make observations of objects in the sky with them.

Participants will gain the following through participation in the workshop:

* Applicants from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and US Territories may be required to cover additional shipping charges.


Workshop participants must:

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This workshop is partially funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.


Available Workshops

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