Sky Gazing: A Kids Guide...

Last one in stock! This kids guide to the moon, sun, planet, stars, eclipses, and constellations requires no binoculars or telescope. Focusing on objects in the sky young readers can learn how to spot planets, find and identify constellations, navigate by the stars, and safely observe with the naked eye. Photographs, star charts, activities, and engaging illustrations inside wrapped in a glow-in-the-dark cover. Author Meg Thatcher.132 pages. Ages 9-14.

This book is a great gateway for engaging young children to take a deeper interest in and fascination with the skies. Children will learn how to build an accurate scale model of the solar system or build a star chart.

Readers will take a tour of our solar system and deep space beyond, with explanations of how objects like Earth’s moon were formed and the “why” behind phenomena such as eclipses, northern lights, and meteor showers.

Star charts will guide them in spotting constellations throughout the seasons and in both hemispheres while they learn about constellation myths from cultures around the world. Activities including tracking the cycles of the sun and moon, what to observe during the day, and what to do on a cloudy night keep kids’ eyes on the skies, while astronomer profiles and sidebars on space technology and current issues such as light pollution help ground their discoveries in the ancient and enduring science of studying the sky.