Space Science and Astronomy Theatre

Get ready to be entertained and informed with newly published and innovative, Space Science and Astronomy Theatre.

Are you a teacher, parent struggling to get youngsters, young adults or an inquisitive student interested in space science and astronomy? This fun-filled book of theatrical scenes using role playing is just right for you!
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In addition to astronomers and astronauts, the scenes also feature engineers, accountants, graphic artists, public relations practitioners, biologists, meteorologists, and others who play a critical role in space adventures.

Scenarios will take you into the past and into the future and include:

  • A cosmologist and a computerGI145 graphics artist are preparing a presentation for public television on theories about the distribution of galaxies in the universe, and the placement of voids where no galaxies are found.
  • An astrobiologist and an engineer discover the first positive biosignature data from an exoplanet near Earth. The findings provide a big surprise.
  • Two recent high school graduates explore a star factory (nebula) in the constellation Orion, and using a video arcade game, they make speculations about the future.

While the props and costumes needed for scripts are minimal, the scenes promote deep learning.

By M.B. Rappaport & C.J. Corbally

Published: August 2017
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Pages: 230
Size: 6x9

ISBN: 9781480848443

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