Observer's Handbook 2024

Pre-Order so you don't miss out! Published annually since 1907 by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Observer's Handbook has become the must-have reference book for people interested in astronomy. Available early November.

Whether you are a professional astronomer, a beginner or educator this book is designed for you. The over 350-page guide includes comprehensive information about upcoming astronomical events and references.

With the expertise of more than 75 contributors, the Observer's Handbook is regarded as the standard North American reference for data on the sky. The USA Edition continues to be a popular addition, using American cities for examples of sunrise and moonrise, solar ephemeris, etc. In addition, Star Parties and Planetaria are for US locations, and spelling will reflect American usage.

We recommend ordering in advance! You will not be charged until we ship. Backordered until early November.