Moon Activity Kit (Sm)

Rediscover our closest satellite with the small Moon Activity Kit! Filled with multiple activities to do as a family or within a group, this smaller activity kit comes with evergreen tools perfectly suited for families and informal educators! Price includes shipping. Find out what’s included in this kit below..

The Small Moon Activity Kit includes an array of new and exclusive to the ASP activities:

  • 4 STEAM activities to do as a group
  • Breakfast Moon, the ASP’s popular, new children's book
  • handouts and moon journal
  • tactile prints of the Moon for the sight-impaired and youngsters to get a feel for the Moon surface
  • a set of cards for observing the Moon with binoculars or a telescope. The two, new and ASP-exclusive, card sets are printed on sturdy 15pt plastic for durability and come with binder rings
  • Free of charge, we'll also include posters, stickers and more from our NASA partners
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