Kitcikisik (Great Sky) : Tellings That Fill The Night Sky

The stars of the Big Dipper are the focus of this book, by author Pawaminikititicikiw, Wilfred Buck, and filled with Cree and Cree syllabics, images, diagrams, constellation maps, original artwork are included in Kitcikisik. 2021, 86 pages, Ages 13+

Kitcikisik (Great Sky) Tellings That Fill the Night Sky tells the story of Mista Muskwa (Great Bear), Mikisiw Mikwun Atik (Eagle Staff), Mistatim (Horse) and Ocik (Fisher).

Pawaminikititicikiw, Wilfred Buck, is an Ininew/Cree, Knowledge and Dream Keeper of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation of Northern Manitoba. In addition to authoring many books, he works from the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre as a science facilitator bringing years of experience as an educator with a First Nations perspective to the sciences and sharing his passion for the night sky.