A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations - - How You Can Find Them in the Sky (Revised/Updated)

Bestseller! A completely revised and updated favorite of the ASP, A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky is the perfect introduction to the always fascinating world of astronomy. Featuring a star finder and glow-in-the-dark stickers for children 8 and up this book also engages younger readers, develops their interest and includes whimsical color illustrations and definitions throughout. c 2019, 92 pages. 10.3” x 10.3” Hardcover. Ages: 8+

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Author Michael Driscoll explains how stars are born, the achievements of the great scientists, the history of space exploration, the story of our solar system, the myths behind the constellations, how to navigate the night sky, and more.