When the Sun Goes Dark

Perfect for engaging children and young astronomers in solar and lunar eclipses, this illustrated book tells a story of how two curious children and their grandparents re-create eclipses in their living room using everyday items such as a lamp, a tennis ball, two Hula Hoops, and table tennis balls.

Children and adults will discover hands-on techniques for learning the science behind Lunar and Solar eclipses with the family as they explore safe ways to view a solar eclipse and ponder phenomena from sunspots to phases of the Moon. Written by Dennis Schatz, former ASP Board President and Andrew Fraknoi, former ASP Executive Director.  Softcover NSTA Publication. Grades: 5-8

“I can't imagine a better book for youngsters who want to understand the Earth-Moon system… The authors decorate their explanations with bits of modern fun — from the word "eclipse"; not being confused with "e-clips"; to dogs wearing eclipse glasses for eye safety. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”
                                                           --Tucker Hiatt, High School Physics Teacher, and Founder of Wonderfest

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