Cosmic Decoders Leader Kit

Become a "code breaker" as you tackle messages from space!

The way astronomers learn about far away objects is to "decode" the information in the light they emit. And how might we communicate with intelligent civilizations living around other stars? Explore these ideas with these fun activities in our Cosmic Decoders Leader Kit:

  • "Cosmic Card Sorting" introduces and helps your participants classify some common "Deep Space Objects."
  • Even little ones will have fun decoding "Secret Messages"
  • "Picture Analyzer" familiarizes your group with filters -- an important astronomer's tool.
  • "Seeing Through Alien Eyes" reinforces the concept of filters in a cooperative and truly entertaining way.
  • Learn about past and current attempts at interstellar communication with "Message to the Universe," "Decoding Radio Messages from Space," "Translating an Alien Message," "Sending a Family Message into Space," and "Who Speaks for Earth"

For even more fun, visit the official Cosmic Decoders web site.

Contents: Leader Guide (includes all event handout masters/training videos), Cosmic Cards, Color Filters, Colored Felt, Hourglass Nebula Poster (for "Picture Analyzer"), Audio Compact Disc (for "Decoding Radio Messages from Space") and Sample Take-Home Game (4-in-1).

Event handouts and game instructions are also available in Spanish. Contact Customer Service.

You may also be interested in purchasing the Take-Home game Cosmic Decoders. Other kits in the series include Night Sky Adventure, Race to the Planets, and Moon Mission available as Leader Kits and Take-Home games (see recommended products below).

About Family ASTRO

Family ASTRO, a national astronomy education program of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, helps educators of all types share the excitement of exploring our universe. With funding from the National Science Foundation and the help of astronomers, educators, parents, kids, and game designers, we have put together a number of hands-on activities, thought-provoking discussions, and fun games that let everyone get involved in astronomy.

At the heart of Family ASTRO is our series of Leader Kits that allow you to lead many fun and educational Astronomy Events for families, afterschool programs and clubs, and youth groups in your community (e.g, boys' and girls' clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, park and recreation programs, etc.).

For hands-on Family ASTRO training, educators may be able to attend a workshop at one of our participating Regional Sites. Visit the Family ASTRO web site to see if there is an official location near you.