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Join the ASP and partner with a community of others passionate about astronomy education and making a difference in science literacy. Your support designs and delivers innovative astronomy programs, information, publications, workshops and education guides to professional astronomers, teachers, students, planetariums, museums, national parks, astronomy clubs and astronomy enthusiasts around the world.

Engagement Opportunities & Benefits

  • Bi-monthly AstroBeat, Access to AstroBeat Archives
  • Complimentary Resources and Activities:
    • Educational Content, Resources, Activities, & Videos on the ASP Website
    • Social Media Networking
    • Email newsletters to Events, Conferences, AstroShop, Online Workshops and Program opportunities
    • Ways of Giving advice
  • Scholarship opportunities for select workshops and conferences
  • Online MyASP Portal Access

Creating your online ASP portal (MyASP) will let you manage community participation, donations, purchases, and event registrations all in one location.

If you want to elevate your partnership with the ASP, we invite you to become an ASP Supporter or better yet, a recurring monthly Supporter (an option under ASP Supporter).

Our former membership-only Mercury is now a subscription based online magazine focusing on the various ways astronomy intersects with science, education, culture, history, and art. Visit Mercury today! 

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