Solar System Gemstone Necklace

Perfect Holiday Gift! Show off your love of astronomy and space with this hand-made solar system necklace. A different gemstone represents the Sun and each of the eight major planets in our planetary system. 32” antiqued silver-plated chain & wire separates to scale each gemstone planet. Handcrafted Design by LizK

This necklace is 32-inches-long (princess-length) and continuous with no clasp. The solar system takes up the bottom third of the necklace.

Each chain link equals about 0.35 astronomical unit, which is the average distance between Mercury and the Sun; Earth is 1.0 astronomical unit from the Sun. Every stone is connected to the chain via wire-wrapped loops for beauty and security. Handcrafted in the USA. Design by LizK.

  • Sun: rutile quartz
  • Mercury: jade
  • Venus: rutile quartz
  • Earth: malachite/azurite
  • Mars: red jasper
  • Jupiter: brown rhodochrosite
  • Saturn: Botswana agate, with brass ring
  • Uranus: amazonite
  • Neptune: apatite


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