A Spectral Catalog of Arcturus 3-Volume Atlas Set

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Special Offer: A Spectral Catalog of Arcturus. Valued at $165, this set of all three Atlases from the ASP Conference Series includes the 1995, 2000, and 2005 edition.

Few types of data are more useful and important for precision spectroscopy than well-established and well-calibrated reference spectra. Using the KPNO 4m, the coudé feed and spectrometer, and the Hubble Space Telescope STIS, Kenneth Hinkle (NOAO) and collaborators have compiled a well-calibrated, digital spectral catalog of Arcturus, a traditional cool star standard. Their catalog, published in three volumes, provides nearly continuous wavelength coverage from 1150 Å to 5.3 mm, giving astronomers a precise reference work applicable to multi-wavelength studies. This three-volume set is certain to become the future standard for all high resolution work on cool stars.

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