Color Paddle Set with Diffraction Grating

This handy paddle mixing primary and secondary colors is perfect for the classroom. Diffraction gratings are the principle component in a spectroscope and can be used for direct viewing and analysis of spectra from different light sources and experiments such as color mixing, additive and subtractive color, color transmission, absorption and filtering of the different wavelengths of light. See specifications below.

Includes Polarized Filters to use for experiments involving birefringence, light scattering, polarized filter experiments, light reflection, Brewster's angle, how polarized sunglasses work and much more!

Color Paddle Set Contains:
Primary Mixing Colors (3) RED, BLUE, GREEN Secondary Colors (3) CYAN, YELLOW, MAGENTA
Diffraction Grating (1) 13,500 Line / Inch Double Axis (1) 500 Line / mm Single Axis
Polarized Filters (2) Polarizing Filters
Diffusing Filter (1) 3/8 White Filter - 63% Transmission