Project Star Spectrometer

Staff Pick! This popular tool is a staff favorite as the best Spectrometer! Students can see absorption lines in the sun’s spectrum with this durable plastic spectrometer developed at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics’ Project STAR. Outstanding , affordable scientific instrument recommended for educators at all levels.

Spectrometer Features:

  • Reveals the hidden nature of color and atomic spectra from light bulbs, fluorescent lights, neon signs, or gaseous emission tubes!
  • Includes actual numerical wavelength measurements and equivalent energies in electron Volts.
  • Enables students to identify different elements in various light sources, such as fluorescent lights, incandescent light bulbs, gas tubes, sodium or Mercury vapor lights, etc. With actual wavelength measurements and equivalent energies in electron volts, this tool
  • Activities include: observing what diffraction grating does, calibrating the spectrometer, and identifying various light sources.

Spectrometer and activity book